Limone sul Garda : Walks

There are many opportunities for relaxing walks or invigorating hikes that will let you become more familiar with one of the most interesting areas of the Upper Garda region. In any season you can take a leisurely stroll along the beach from Piazza A. de Gasperi heading south to Nanzèl, walk along the lanes zigzagging through the olive groves, or enjoy the sweeping views of the lake from the "Sentiero del Sole" path that heads out from the square and leads to the World War I shelters in Reamol. Along this last itinerary, the Italian Alpine Club organizes hikes with a guide every Thursday in July and August. For more expert hikers, the surrounding area of Limone offers many possibilities. The routes are well marked and, above all, accessible all year round. A map of the trails, which is available at the tourist bureaus, provides information about the routes, difficulties, and the estimated time. Every Sunday from June until September, the Alpine Club organizes a hike from Limone to the "Bonaventura Segala" chalet (1215 m). The hike starts out at 7:30 a.m. from the bus stop on the state road and ends around 5:00 p.m. The guided tour is free of charge. For information and reservations, please contact the local tourist bureaus.

Limone sul Garda Limone sul Garda Limone sul Garda
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