Mandato Amministrativo 2019 - 2024

Antonio Martinelli
Riva del Garda (Tn) il 26.07.1959

Greetings from the Mayor

I'm very pleased to welcome you to the official website of Limone sul Garda.

In these web pages you'll find concise, up-to-date, and easy to read information about the offices, services and activities of this Administration, provided within that complete and effective modern system of communication: the Internet.

The objective is to encourage the dialog between citizens and Public Administration through participation of the entire community.

Furthermore, the website was created to introduce our beautiful area to the many tourists who will choose Limone sul Garda for their holidays.

In fact, our lovely town, favored by a particularly mild climate and full of olive groves and lemon trees, gives visitors a chance to enjoy a pleasant stay in modern, hospitable accommodations.

The website also has a calendar of events with numerous musical, sports, and cultural events as well as gastronomical evenings that create a magical atmosphere of music, lights and colors.

Therefore, I hope you will come to our small but picturesque town for a relaxing vacation and explore the place where the "elixir of longevity" was discovered.

Thank you, and enjoy the website!

Antonio Martinelli

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